How To Find Your iPhone Without iCloud Using Third Party Apps

Find my iPhone is the official app that you could use to your friends mobiles or mac to find your iPhone. Beside this app there are ton of apps to be had on iTunes that can help you find or track your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Macbook. However there may be best 1 requirement to use those apps. Apps must already installed on your iPhone then only they can track your iphone. If app is installed up then you could carry out number of features such as wipe, click a pic, report audio, take backup of contact info, ring or send a message to your smartphone.

Find Your iPhone Without iCloud Using Third Party Apps

I am going to list a number of apps that you should to install on your iOS Devices as quickly as you purchase it. These help may be of actual Help in case of stolen and lost iphone Problem.

1. Device Locator


2. GadgetTrak


3. iHound



4. GPStracker


These 4 apps are very efficient in performing  a numbers of functions remotely. You should install atleast certainly one of them to your iOS device to ensure that it tracks your device. Ihound and GPStracker provide geofencing function which is really helpfull for parents. With geofencing characteristic you could set an area wherein your iPhone or iPad have to be there. If it is going outside that location then you’ll get instant alert for your cellphone or email. It’s even more properly as you could set alerts for precise places too. Suppose it enters into a nearby store such as MacD or Pizzahut then you will immediate alert concerning the equal that your tool entered the place.

There are many other anti-theft apps which need to preinstalled on your iPhone before you lose it. Some of these anti-theft apps offer exclusive features such as remotely clicking pics from camera, recording the voice remotely, message on screen and so many other things. It’s always best to install such application whenever you purchase a new iOS device whether it’s a new iPhone, iPad, iWatch or Macbook. These apps are really helpful in case you ever lost your device

You can track all these activities using the apps website. You don’t need to use the iCloud in case of these apps. You need to sign in the apps website and you will be able to perform all the functions. Some functions are available as in app purchases that you can take. However most basic functions are free that you can use anytime.







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