How to Find My iPhone Without iCloud

There are a few conditions where in someone plays a prank or we simply lost the iPhone in our Home or at office. We Often forget wherein we kept it and then look for it every wherein from neighbour house to office. In those cases, we Find our iPhone immediately rather than signing in to iCloud on laptop and searching out its location on the map. It’s a time taking method and secondly you could no longer have your computer everywhere with you. Take a look at out the Below  methods of finding your iPhone without iCloud.

Here Are The Methods Find My iPhone Without iCloud

To Find the Location of your iPhone immediately, you could use Find My iPhone App Developed by apple itself for all of its iOS gadgets. Find my iPhone App was a paid App However now it’s totally free and you can Install it in seconds on your Device. It Helps you track the place, get turn by turn direction toward your lost/stolen iPhone and many other options. You can download this App from iTunes right now.

Apple’s Find my iPhone app can be Installed within seconds from App Store on any iOS devices. You may use your Friends or family iPhone or iPad to use locate my iPhone App. You simply need to download and install the App then sign in along with your iCloud or Apple User ID and password.

Download FIND MY iPHONE on App Store.


Now think you lost your iPhone somewhere and you probably did not Find it after initial search. Simply take your buddies iPhone or any other iOS device Such as  iPod, iPad or Macbook that you have in the Moment and install FIND MY iPHONE app from app store.

As soon as the find my iPhone app installs,

  1. You can sign in inside the app with your Apple ID and password.
  2. After signing in, you can see the location of all your apple devices.
  3. Now you can see the location of your lost iPhone. You will see the devices as a green dot on the map. Select the iPhone from the options that is lost .
  4. Simply tap on the green dot ( location of your iPhone) to check out for other options such as turn by turn directions.

In case it’s gets stolen, you can immediately lock it, erase the memory and send a message for your iPhone with a contact number. In this way, you could defend all of the information on your iphone. With iOS 7 upgrade you also get a function called activation lock. As soon as it’s became on, it’s very difficult to promote or use the device because it Asks for Apple ID and password.

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